Great Lengths – Hair Extensions

Great Lengths is a world leader in hair extensions ! Great Lengths puts the highest priority on the safety of the power loss and as the only guarantees that their own hair fibers will not get damaged.

It uses digital equipment for application of hair, respecting the type and thickness of hair. It does not use chemicals for destaining and fastener fibrotic keratin has an identical molecular grid like human hair . Connections are ultra-thin and extremely strong. Thanks to the almost invisible link person may use it for 4-7 months with 0 % damage of the hair shaft and skin .

Great Lengths puts special emphasis on selection and processing of hair, his subsequent impregnation and manual sorting in the direction of hair growth, and as a result there is no knotting. It is a temple selection of hair, which have a solid shiny structure. They usually don’t break down, so they are naturally beautiful.

Fibrotic keratin – Combines jointed hair and contains identical structure of human hair. You will not feel jointed hair at all, and most importantly, it does not burden or damage it’s own hair. Multisonic system is unique technological device , linking the 5 connections at once . Device is fully digitized , uses the finest pressure and ultrasonic waves . Elongation takes 45 minutes! Thanks to the almost invisible link, it is possible to wear hair for 4-6 months.

One of the biggest advantages of the method Great Lengths is absolutely flawless application. Thanks to which we have a perfect link, which does not get off, hair does not fall off and overall appearance is very natural.

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